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Medieval Pod is a podcast focused on conversations with medievalists, scholars, and enthusiasts about themes related to medieval culture that can be seen in our modern life. This podcast and its accompanying website are a resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the medieval period, from some of the most exciting new voices in medieval studies and related fields.

In addition, this project can be used as a supplementary educational aid in the classroom. Each episode’s landing page offers an overview of the topic and suggested reading, intended to give an introduction to the specific subject we’re chatting about for people learning about it for the first time. You can find individual episode pages under the “Episodes” menu above.

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About The Host

This podcast is recorded and produced by Emily Price, a medievalist and doctoral candidate in English at the Graduate Center, CUNY. My research interests include book history and science writing, affect, disability, the literature of the 21st century, and media studies. I am also a lecturer at Queens College, where I teach literature and writing. Currently, I am working on a dissertation about medieval representations of melancholy.

I started MedievalPod because I saw an explosion of interesting, relevant writing about the medieval period from scholars all around the world, and yet a lot of that work was only being seen by a limited number of people. This podcast presents emerging scholarship and criticism about the medieval period and its relationship to modernity, with the aim of spreading knowledge, challenging periodization, and having fun. After all, as their work reminds us, there is no way to view the medieval period without looking to– and through– modern politics and social concepts.